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All families in Bristol are entitled to Family Support Services. On this website we put you in touch with the Children's Centres that are providing support for you and your family. There is a database of Groups and Activities that you can browse or search and much more information besides!

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Who runs this site?

This website is an exciting partnership between three existing and well established Children’s Centres in North Bristol. Filton Avenue Children’s Centre, Stoke Park Children's Centre and Upper Horfield Children's Centre are working together to support families with children under 5 years, through the Sure Start Programme. We cover an area from The Downs all the way over to the M32. Sign Up to find out if we cover your area!

Why should I Sign Up?

Signing up to the website gives you FREE access to all the information that we hold. You will also get a personalised private profile page that shows you the most relevant information for you - in your area. We will be able to put you in touch with the correct Children's Centres and, in the future, we hope to remind you of key milestones and dates for you or your children.

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