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The Nurturing Programme

The Nurturing Programme is a 10 week course that encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and get the best out of family life.

It provides simple, effective tools to help adults and children understand and manage feelings and behaviour. The Nurturing Programme:

  • improves relationships; using many positive discipline  strategies and relationship skills to support the family and school environment
  • improves emotional health and wellbeing; provides a nurturing toolkit for all those who use the Nurturing  Programme in their families,
  • invites parents + carers to consider their own needs; an adult who meets his/her own needs is likely to be a more effective parent/carer
  • develops self-confidence and self-esteem; both are crucial ingredients for effective parenting
  • builds on pre-existing parenting skills
  • introduces new strategies that can be tried out at home and in school

On a Nurturing Programme course you will cover:

Family Rules
Praise & Criticism
Time out… to calm down
Personal Power, Choices & Consequences
Feelings & What We Do With Them
Anger & How To Deal With It
Kinds of Touch & Nurturing Ourselves
Ages & Stages in Children’s Development
Issues Around Sex – Helping Children Stay Safe
Behaviour to Ignore
Problem-Solving & Negotiation
Continuing the Nurturing Programme Beyond the 10

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